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How to maximize the profitability of your affiliate campaign?

How to maximize the profitability of your affiliate campaign?

Affiliate marketing is a way to acquire traffic and therefore, customers. It involves a partnership between an advertiser and an affiliate.

Unlike other acquisition methods, affiliates are not paid to display advertisements. It's rather a performance-based partnership.

Indeed, the affiliate only receives compensation if the user sent to the partner's website performs a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up or filling out a form. The advantages of affiliate marketing include the freedom to promote the products of your choice and the absence of banners and adverts that can disfigure a website. It's a healthy monetization model for you and your visitors.

How to maximize the profitability of your affiliate campaigns?

Affiliate marketing can bring you a comfortable additional income to round off your monthly budget, but if you want to make a living from it, you will have to write more than one article per week. Whether you have time to devote to it (in which case you will need to implement an editorial strategy first) or whether your schedule allows you to do affiliate marketing part-time, here are some tips on how to take advantage of periods of high commercial activity and current events.

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Highlights of the sale

In commerce, there are periods of high commercial activity, that is, events organized by sellers to increase their sales. Traditional events such as the back-to-school season, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or wine fairs can be cited. On the Internet, some major events can also be mentioned such as Black Friday, Single Day, Amazon's Prime Day.

These events have the advantage of being spread throughout the year, which allows you to define an editorial calendar. These periods of high activity offer you the opportunity to significantly increase your sales, as long as you are prepared for them.

Anticipating these events involves making search engines understand that you are relevant on these topics. How to do this? By producing content, of course, but not at the last minute!

At the beginning of November, two weeks before Black Friday, the affiliate sites are in the starting blocks.

The goal is to create an editorial funnel where links, and therefore the audience, will converge. Before the event, create a page that will host offers as soon as the time comes. Then, publish several articles on a regular basis to talk about the event, its origins and when it will take place. In these lead-up articles, include a sidebar with a link to the special page. In the tips you write, don't hesitate to include a link to the operation page. Finally, promote your articles on social networks. The internal linkage that you will have set up will contribute to giving credibility to your site on the official day.

The competition is tough, but if you manage to rank an article on Google during a peak time, it's the jackpot.

💡 The preparation work is to be repeated yearly.

Riding the waves of current events

In addition to commercial highlights and daily promotions, current events are a true goldmine to exploit. Take the example of seasonality and the arrival of winter. Traditional media will cover the topic of temperatures and gas prices, while in content to commerce, there are numerous subjects to liven up your site and generate sales:

  • A beard care site: the best oils to protect your beard during winter

  • A high-tech site: the best touch screen gloves

  • A DIY site: knit a scarf by hand in under an hour

  • A gardening site: how to protect your plants for winter

  • A home improvement site: how to detect thermal leaks in your home

  • An automotive site: accessories to protect your car from the cold

Examples are abundant, you just need to be a little imaginative to find ideas regardless of the season and offer content that will appeal to your audience.

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Hot news can also be an effective way to increase your sales. For example, in July 2015, the French law prohibited motorists from driving with a Bluetooth headset. Tests of hands-free kits without a headset allowed high-tech and automotive sites to increase their sales.

To reach a wider audience, licenses are also a powerful lever for selling merchandise. If your site specializes in Harry Potter, for example, there are so many merchandise products that you could publish a different article every day without ever having to talk about the same product twice.

And if the advent of on-demand video platforms hastens the gradual disappearance of living room players, some movies are not always available online or are worth watching with optimal image and sound quality. In this case, links to 4K Blu-Ray versions may be judicious.

On the release of the fourth season of Stranger Things on Amazon

Key points to remember

  • Prepare your site in advance for the most well-known commercial events.

  • Be able to adapt your articles to current events to take advantage of internet user searches.


The long-term efforts you make will help you secure your audience base, but well-prepared actions will take you well beyond your usual visits and sales. Stay alert to current events and be proactive in taking actions that will allow you to achieve "Quick Wins" and gradually increase your income.

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